Here’s what to look out for:

Validity – The duration of the bonus, which is the period of time that the bonus can be used to meet the wagering requirements. This on average varies from 7 to 15 days, but there are also cases of bonuses valid for only 24 hours or even 90 days fun88 รีวอร์ด.

Wagering Requirements – Also known as “replay” or “playthrough”. These requirements require you to replay the bonus received a certain number of times in order to unlock it and then make it withdrawable. They are expressed by a number, e.g. 15x, 20x, 30x.

Minimum Odds – Betting bonuses cannot be used on all bets, a minimum odds are often set. Generally the accepted odds must be higher than 1.75.

Minimum Deposit – The bonus may require a minimum deposit to be made in order to be paid out fun888asia1.               

Accepted Bet Types – The bonus cannot be used on all bets, sports or markets. The regulation will indicate the various types of bets accepted.

Recognize the best betting bonuses

By becoming familiar with these rules, which for each offer must be clearly indicated in the bonus terms and conditions, it is easier to understand if one promotion is more or less convenient than another. Undoubtedly, when all other requirements are the same, the best bonuses are those with higher validity, lower wagering requirements, lower minimum odds and the widest selection of sports and markets to play on.

In the initial table we have indicated the welcome bonuses offered by betting sites that fall into the Top 5. But we remember that often the welcome offers can change, so we reserve the right to constantly update our list also taking this factor into account.

The betting schedule of the best online betting sites

Gambling activities on sports betting sites must undoubtedly be fun, but they can only be fun if they take place on secure platforms. The web potentially gives access to all kinds of Italian and international bookmakers, not necessarily legal in Italy. If he wanted to, the player could choose any portal to bet, but this is not always convenient, on the contrary it can become very risky.

Without going too far, we limit ourselves to saying that all the sites we take into consideration are in possession of a concession for Italy. They are therefore ADM licensed sites, which are often still referred to as AAMS betting sites , as the old acronym is struggling to disappear.

To obtain and maintain the AAMS license, foreign and Italian betting sites must meet a series of requirements, comply with the restrictions imposed by the law on remote gaming, and offer safe and certified gaming modes . The impositions for obtaining the license are different and have to do with various aspects of online gaming.